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40 People Define a Fulfilling Relationship

We asked 40 people how they would define a fulfilling romantic partnership. Responses are anonymous, but they include people of various relationship statuses and differing sexual orientations over a wide age range. Here is to love, 40 ways. Being able to be 100% yourself including your flaws, your joy, growing pains, big feelings, vulnerability andContinue reading “40 People Define a Fulfilling Relationship”

“confused” a poem by ben welch

I guess  I’m confused  conflicted  because the god you taught  and the life you lead  couldn’t possibly  bare the same fruit. . we hear your voice  loud and clear  telling stories of miracles  and enormous faith tales of deep charity  and selfless love. . you’ve challenged us  to love our neighbor  but somehow  you’ve excusedContinue reading ““confused” a poem by ben welch”

Tess Talks (& Sometimes Listens)

  • Confessions of a Ballerina with Carlie Preskitt
    April 30th, 2021
    In this episode of Tess Talks (& Sometimes Listens) Tess revisits her youth of training as a ballet dancer. She is joined her friend Carlie, who now dances professionally with Oklahoma City Ballet. They talk about the ballet industry, and the mental and physical fortitude it requires. Both women have a lifelong love affair with the art form, but don’t shy away from speaking to the toxicity its culture. Carlie is thoughtful and honest as she shares the life of a dancer, navigating the hardships with the same elegance she is known for on stage.

  • Self Care and Mental Health with Abbey Kochevar
    April 15th, 2021
    A new episode of the Tess Talks (& Sometimes Listens) podcast is here! In this episode, Tess turns to her dear friend Abbey for some advice on self-care, and Abbey speaks to the subject with impressive honesty. They talk bad days, therapy, boundaries, and more. Neither of the two women has life all figured out – but they have learned that this doesn’t have to be done alone.

  • Tess Talks and Doesn’t Listen
    March 30th, 2021
    I’m Tess, and lately, I’ve been in a funk. The past month has left me feeling defeated and deflated, when generally I am as optimistic as they come. I’m working on being honest, so I decided to record this episode solo and give myself some space to show up that way. I open up about moving though a period of personal and societal stress. Recording on my own was definitely different, but I’m not one to shy away from trying new things. It came out a little whiny and a little wise, I think. You’ll have to let me know 😉

  • Thought Diversity with Jenifer Sargent
    March 14th, 2021
    In this episode of Tess Talks (& Sometimes Listens) Tess is joined by her good friend Jen. Raised in a conservative and religious community in Missouri, Jen stepped off her family’s projected path to pursue her career as a woman of science. She shares how we can engage people who hold different opinions with compassion and respect, and why it is so important that we do.She also shares the story of the first time she put on pants – which was in college!

  • His Favorite Daughter, Her Favorite Dad with Rick Williams
    February 28th, 2021
    A new episode of Tess Talks (& Sometimes Listens) is here! Tess sits down to talk current issues with her father, Rick Williams. They talk stubbornness, curiosity, social justice, generational differences, parenting and why it’s good to be wrong. Nothing better than a little wisdom from your old man.

  • Religious Deconstruction with Ben Welch
    February 15th, 2021
    In this episode of Tess Talks (& Sometimes Listens), Tess is joined by her friend Ben, who speaks to a touchy subject with stark honesty and immense compassion. He shares what he has learned while questioning his faith, a process known as deconstruction. Pulling from Ben’s background in Christianity, the two tackle toxic religious practices, what to call God, and how to be awesome like Jesus.

  • Body Positivity and Professional Dance with Liz Losoff
    January 30th, 2021
    Former NFL cheerleader Liz Losoff joins Tess in this episode to talk about all things professional dance, the good the bad and the ugly. Namely, the pressure and toxicity that artists face, and the very common struggles of body image and self-worth. Liz is known for her bubbly and enthusiastic personality, which is exactly how she approaches these challenging subjects. Offering insight from her dance career, time spent as a special education teacher, journey through motherhood and more. This one is for the artists, and for anyone who has felt unworthy looking in the mirror.

  • Curating Your Library of Experiences with Zach Palmer
    January 15th, 2021
    In this episode, Tess has a lighthearted chat with her long-time friend and present-day roommate Zach. They question whether a steady career should continue to hold priority with the young and curious. Zach shares stories of how he has been “sampling” career paths for the past few years and the insight he’s gathered in the process.

  • Creativity, Substance, etc. with Adam Baerd
    December 30th, 2020
    In the debut episode of Tess Talks (& Sometimes Listens), Tess chats about creative projects, self judgment, and more with celebrated local musician Adam Baerd. Adam also happens to be the first friend Tess ever had, seeing as he’s her older brother. Learn more about Adam at adambaerd.com

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