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In 2015, Elizabeth Gilbert spoke as a guest on Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations. She theorized, as eloquently as ever, that there are two types of people in the world: jackhammers and hummingbirds. The jackhammers are driven by passion. But the hummingbirds? They are moved by a less demanding force; curiosity. Guided by multiple interests, she says of hummingbird people:

“They create incredibly rich, complex lives for themselves, and they also end up cross-pollinating the world.”

To hear the full talk, click here.

I am a hummingbird (and thank goodness, I have the image above tattooed!). As someone who has never been keen on labels, this one resonates pretty hard. Flighty? Check. Curious? Big check. Interested in many things? My credentials there are well-beyond the requirements of a checkmark.

My dad once told me that when someone asks what I do for a living he imagines a game-show wheel spinning in my head. Which answer is she going to offer up this time? The possibilities are abundant.

I am a writer, environmentalist, yoga teacher, travel bug, cat mom, retired dancer, aspiring badass, amateur vegan(ish) chef, podcast host, forever student of the Universe and straight up goofball. Someday I’ll be a public speaker, scuba diver, stand-up comedian, and philanthropist. No shortage of dreams here!

I’m known for oversharing, and it has (so far) served me well. Last year, I wrote and published a letter to the man on the other side of the breakup that left me shattered. People felt seen. I was writing about myself all along, but, every time I hit “post,” people saw themselves. There is one unshakeable truth I’ve gathered from being vulnerable on the internet; I am not alone.

Sure, I’m unique. But I’ve learned that being unique isn’t unique at all.

Maybe we are all, at least partially, “hummingbird people.” Endlessly curious and infinitely complicated, harboring unknowable potential. I wanted to create a platform in celebration of this, so here we are. Welcome to the community of the curious.

I leave you now with the utterly adorable fact that a group of hummingbirds is called a charm.

All my best,


One thought on “our little charm

  1. Yes! I love this Tess<3
    As a fellow hummingbird, coming across this post today was exactly what I needed, considering every so often I try to box myself into a label that simply can’t contain the essence of my being 🙂
    Reminiscing on our lovely hike when you spoke of this tidbit. Keep shining beautiful! Love ya<3

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