three poems by randii wyrick

Self Worth

I am worthy of having my needs fulfilled.

I am worthy of care, respect, devotion,
validation, understanding and reassurance.

I am worthy of setting boundaries
to ensure I can relax and receive more.

I am worthy of love.
I honor myself for asking what I need.
I am ready to receive.

Growth Happens in Time

not by force nor harsh deadlines.
In god’s time
when our hearts pry open
stardust weaving together a cosmic concoction
Sparks fly
initiating an inner fire
blessed by courage, confidence & the power of will.

Dear child, offer yourself some grace
for this journey is not a race.
Please embrace that which you have been given
that which is written
that which fuels the very center of your spirit.

Give yourself permission
room to grow
room to flow
a space for your inner child to thrive.

Feel the sunlight on your skin
pray that god may lift your burdens,
for you are not alone
you are not far from home.
Free your mind, free your soul.

Beautiful child,
you are delicately placed
with tools & divine gifts blessed by the heavens.

Dive deep
look inside

Be patient & let your creativity come alive,
in time.



It’s ok.
I’ve learned how to let go
I know what it means to flow.
No subtle blockages can block these blessings.

For my faith is now stronger
my head is held higher.

And just before the seasons change,
I transform into the eye of the storm

To see the sunrise peak over the horizon.
Again, and once more.

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