“confused” a poem by ben welch

I guess 

I’m confused 


because the god you taught 

and the life you lead 

couldn’t possibly 

bare the same fruit.


we hear your voice 

loud and clear 

telling stories of miracles 

and enormous faith

tales of deep charity 

and selfless love.


you’ve challenged us 

to love our neighbor 

but somehow 

you’ve excused yourself 

from the call.


look I know 

that you know 

what it says.  

I know 

you know 

the charge 

quit talking

and do it. 

quit gloating 

and do it.


and don’t just love

the ones 

on your side

of the fence 

love the other too 

your savior 

didn’t sit

with the pious lawmaker


he sang songs with lepers


now it’s your turn

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