40 People Define a Fulfilling Relationship

We asked 40 people how they would define a fulfilling romantic partnership. Responses are anonymous, but they include people of various relationship statuses and differing sexual orientations over a wide age range. Here is to love, 40 ways. Being able to be 100% yourself including your flaws, your joy, growing pains, big feelings, vulnerability andContinue reading “40 People Define a Fulfilling Relationship”

“confused” a poem by ben welch

I guess  I’m confused  conflicted  because the god you taught  and the life you lead  couldn’t possibly  bare the same fruit. . we hear your voice  loud and clear  telling stories of miracles  and enormous faith tales of deep charity  and selfless love. . you’ve challenged us  to love our neighbor  but somehow  you’ve excusedContinue reading ““confused” a poem by ben welch”

three poems by randii wyrick

Self Worth I am worthy of having my needs fulfilled. I am worthy of care, respect, devotion, validation, understanding and reassurance. I am worthy of setting boundaries to ensure I can relax and receive more. I am worthy of love. I honor myself for asking what I need. I am ready to receive. Growth HappensContinue reading “three poems by randii wyrick”

our little charm

In 2015, Elizabeth Gilbert spoke as a guest on Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations. She theorized, as eloquently as ever, that there are two types of people in the world: jackhammers and hummingbirds. The jackhammers are driven by passion. But the hummingbirds? They are moved by a less demanding force; curiosity. Guided by multiple interests, she saysContinue reading “our little charm”