Tess Talks (& Sometimes Listens)

The Tess Talks (& Sometimes Listens) podcast is a staple of Our Little Charm, a community platform that celebrates curiosity. Tess is interested in a lot of things, and explores them all with the help of her friends, featuring a guest on every episode. With underlying themes of self-development and human interest, topics on this show range from travel to trauma to tacos.

WARNING: May contain general wokeness and a pretentious podcast host.


  1. Confessions of a Ballerina with Carlie Preskitt
  2. Self Care and Mental Health with Abbey Kochevar
  3. Tess Talks and Doesn’t Listen
  4. Thought Diversity with Jenifer Sargent
  5. His Favorite Daughter, Her Favorite Dad with Rick Williams
  6. Religious Deconstruction with Ben Welch
  7. Body Positivity and Professional Dance with Liz Losoff
  8. Curating Your Library of Experiences with Zach Palmer
  9. Creativity, Substance, etc. with Adam Baerd

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